Adam Tanner-Hill – Owner / Physical Therapist

BodiesInBalance_0304(retouch)Adam is from Melbourne, Australia, where he obtained his degree in physiotherapy at La Trobe University. His passion for understanding the human body led him to obtain a second degree in physiology from University of Melbourne. His physiotherapy orthopedic program was based in the Maitland approach, which concentrates on strong evaluative techniques followed by advanced manual therapy and retesting to determine efficacy of the different approaches. He is also skilled in Rock Taping (Kinesiotaping) and IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue massage) in the Graston style, which is reported to help reduce fascial restrictions and facilitate better neuromuscular function.

The Maitland Australian Approach intentionally and gently provokes the patient’s actual symptoms using carefully graded osteokinematic (physiological) and arthrokinematic (accessory) passive mobilization.  This approach is recognized worldwide as an efficient, safe and gentle way to evaluate and treat the orthopedic patient to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, restore movement, and maximize function.

Adam worked in Australia and Canada before his career took him to the United States (New York and California). In New York, he worked at the prestigious Center for Musculo-skeletal Care, which is part of NYU Langone Medical Center/Hospital for Joint Diseases. He has worked with thousands of patients with many different conditions over his 24-year career as a physiotherapist.

Adam’s expertise is in postural and movement analysis in conjunction with manual therapy as the foundation of the rehabilitation program following injury or disability. His interest in physical wellness is reflected personally in weightlifting and past participation in triathlons.

Recently he became the owner of Bodies In Balance physical therapy clinic, which has been an important physical therapy center in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA since 2005.


Certified Clinical Instructor – APTA

FMT-1 – Functional Movement Taping (Rock Taping/Kinesiotaping) RockTape

FMT-2 – Functional Movement Taping/Selective Functional Movement Assessment (Rock Taping/Kinesiotaping) RockTape


Natasha Heath – Pilates Instructor


BM6A4062Natasha graduated with a BA in Dance from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles (2008). She then received her Pilates teacher training certificate from Body Arts and Science International (BASI) with a Dance Specialization at Cal State Long Beach (2009).

Natasha has several years experience working in a physical therapy setting as a Pilates instructor. She is familiar with working alongside physical therapists in creating customized therapeutic Pilates-based programs for the client’s physical enhancement. This includes client re-education, pain-management, balance control, and muscle strengthening and flexibility. Her clients have ranged from professional NBA players, Cirque du Soleil performers, post-op clients, and the average client looking for physical enhancement. It is Natasha’s mission to cater to each client’s specific physical goals and needs through the beneficial use of a Pilates workout program.


Ixchel Regalado – Pilates Instructor

BodiesInBalance_0685(retouch)Ixchel has been working as a Pilates instructor in physical therapy clinics for almost a decade. She has a dynamic personality and encourages all clients to achieve their maximum potential, ensuring great attention to form. She has many years’ experience working with professional and amateur athletes.





Salina Vincent – Certified Massage Therapist

BodiesInBalance_0547(retouch)Salina found out early that Massage Therapy is ideal for health and wellness.   She has a great awareness and deep respect for the human body and its ability to heal. Salina graduated from Southern California Health Institute in 2014.  She brings a gentle demeanor and heart centered approach to her profession. Her goal is not only to have each client feeling wonderful and renewed at the end of a session, but for these effects to last over time and get better with each session. She is very intuitive and loves her work, which comes through in every massage she does. The modalities she offers are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, MyoFascial Release, Facial Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and other Medical Massage Techniques.