BodiesInBalance_0194(retouch)Bodies In Balance is conveniently located in Beverly Hills, very close to premier shopping, award-winning dining, and 5-star accommodations. It provides outstanding rehabilitation services in a peaceful, bright, and attractive setting. The location is easy to access from West Hollywood, Hollywood, Century City, and Los Angeles.

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BodiesInBalance_0419(retouch)Bodies in Balance is a boutique orthopedic physical therapy clinic that opened in April of 2005 in the golden triangle of Beverly Hills. In 2013 the clinic changed ownership: it is now owned and run by Adam Tanner-Hill, PT. Adam has 24 years of experience as a practicing physical therapist and has set thousands of patients well along the road to recovery. Bodies In Balance caters to clients who require a high level of sophistication in their care and little downtime, such as celebrities, executives, professional and amateur athletes as well as those with significant post surgical or chronic conditions, either in the clinic setting or in the client’s own home.





BodiesInBalance_0494(retouch)Bodies In Balance physical therapy is dedicated to providing individuals with the highest quality rehabilitation services in order to help them achieve maximum level of physical function, utilizing evidence based practice delivered in an ethical manner.




Philosophy of Treatment

BodiesInBalance_0026(retouch)There has long been a movement to quantify physical therapy’s approaches and value in rehabilitation: to this end, Bodies in Balance follows state of the art and well-researched approaches, which utilize proven and effective interventions. There are often fads in healthcare but a lot of trends have no proven efficacy. Bodies In Balance utilizes evidence based practice to ensure optimal outcomes.


So, what does Bodies in Balance offer?

The core of an excellent physical therapy program is the evaluation. An evaluation consists of a thorough history, a movement and postural analysis, and a physical exam. From here, the therapist determines the most likely cause of dysfunction and spends time to educate the client. Collaboratively, the therapist and client then work on a goal list and create a treatment plan.

BodiesInBalance_0226(retouch)Pain and dysfunction can come from a structural problem, an abnormal movement pattern, or posture. The person needs to be treated as a whole, because one issue can often have multiple and widespread effects.


In addition to typical physical therapy treatments, which emphasize the Maitland form of manual therapy, we also have instructors for individual Pilates sessions and a certified massage therapist on-site, both of which augment healing and promote better biomechanics. If it is clinically appropriate, a patient can often benefit from all three services in conjunction, and are probably covered under insurance.

Bodies in Balance is in-network with almost all insurance companies, including Medicare.

Home physical therapy/personal training is also available by appointment.  (Not covered by insurance)


Steven P, Ph.D.(English), baseball: “Recovering from a torn labrum in my right shoulder—my throwing shoulder, no less—has been mentally and physically trying, but Adam’s outstanding support, direction, and good humor have made the recovery process more than merely rehabilitative. Since my very first session with Adam two months ago, I have enjoyed dramatic physical improvements and benefitted from his extraordinary ability to articulate the physiological dynamics that go into my particular recovery. Adam’s intelligence, rigor, and compassion have made my rehabilitation a remarkably meaningful, life-altering experience, one that will not only heal my shoulder but also forever transform my understanding and experience of my body and its mechanics. “

Cindy A, Account manager: “I’ve had physical therapy elsewhere. Bodies in Balance provided a unique experience, no assistants, you work directly with the physical therapist to get maximum results. While recovering from shoulder surgery there are good days and bad days. Adam provided individual treatment plans for each session depending on how I was doing that day. The other services such as Pilates 1:1 and massage therapy are helpful. I find massage to be great for pain relief. Everyone there is helpful and friendly”

Esther H, Ph.D., When my doctor recommended physical therapy I decided to go to the PT practice closest to my home. “They are all the same” I reasoned. But within five minutes after I reported for my first appointment I realized that I had selected a very outstanding practice. “Bodies in Balance” is located in a very attractive and elegant setting. Everything is in its place and relates well to each other. I felt relaxed and developed an instant trust in Adam, my therapist. He is not only competent but also a good listener and eager to help. The records he keeps of each session help to chart the treatment and to observe progress. With his help my condition has considerably improved and I intend to continue until the problems are completely resolved.”